MEC believes in a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where:

Each classroom is designed to be child-centered, striving to offer each student an individualized experience that fosters the whole child.

Emphasis is placed on freedom (with structure and order), reality and nature, beauty and atmosphere, as well as community development.

Each classroom offers a living environment that truly “follows each child” by utilizing multi-sensory experiences that respect the individual learner and his/her balance of intelligences.

Emphasis is placed on individual and small group lessons in order to offer value in every lesson according to each child’s level of development, presenting lessons to the whole group when appropriately useful.

Lessons are offered in an inviting, exciting, and challenging manner while maintaining peaceful, safe, comfortable and joyful surroundings.

Emphasis is placed on grace and courtesy every day while modeling desired behavior, especially when difficulties arise in our community.

The finest in Montessori materials are enjoyed in each environment as is appropriate to each age group.

MEC believes in LEARNING ACTIVITY that:

Promotes cooperative learning and community building to develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Helps children meet their academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and developmental needs. Attention is paid to a carefully designed curriculum that:

  • is individualized (meeting the age and developmental abilities of the child).
  • allows students to be active participants, problem solvers and planners.
  • enables children to learn with engaging materials that make abstract concepts more concrete.
  • allows students to learn through direct experience and social interaction.
  • is complete and sequential with common elements from beginning through completion.


Meet the child’s developmental needs by providing multi-age classes that allow the child to learn from an extended community.

Augment individualized learning through cooperation within the class, thus building a foundation that will serve the child indefinitely.

Observe the teacher also learning from the child.

Allow students to learn how community can be an extended family, through supportive relationships with individuals and groups both in and out of the classroom while applying that knowledge to the global community.

Provide opportunities to nurture spiritual development as well as intellectual development by the community as a whole in addition to the teacher.

MEC believes in nurturing the child’s SPIRIT through:

Reflection, soulful learning, and honoring the dignity of each child.

Giving children Grace and Courtesy lessons and providing opportunities to practice these lessons with others.

Conflict resolution, where children learn to manage emotions.

Giving students opportunities to contribute to communities inside and outside of the school environment.

Growth with discovery of who they are and what they can give to the world.

Teaching self-empowerment and peace via soulful learning, while building self-esteem through character education.

Peace, compassion, and understanding.

MEC believes that a Montessori TEACHER:

Is guardian of the prepared environment and guide of the child.

Is the animating spirit of the classroom, serving as a dynamic link between the child and the Montessori material and philosophy and method.

Is a trained observer who recognizes diverse learning styles and responds to the unique aptitudes and interests of each student.

Is empathetic to children’s feelings while setting clear and consistent guidelines within the classroom.

Is a motivator who instills in each child a passion for learning, a sense of independence, and the satisfaction of self-chosen work done well.

Strives in every way, including by example, to instill in each child a love of learning, love of life, and love of mankind.

Recognizes the importance of the prepared environment and is committed to providing classrooms that are beautifully organized, inviting, attractive, and child-centered (a place of abundant opportunities for multi-intelligent learners).

Understands the important role they play in assisting the child with the development of healthy interpersonal communication skills.

Recognizes that “knowledge is power” and, to end misunderstandings and promote transparency, is committed to parent communication and education, providing various opportunities for parents to learn about our school, their children’s classroom, and the Montessori philosophy.

Lives the Montessori philosophy and uses their training to present lessons that encourage students to use the full potential of the materials by means of extension and variation, both adult-guided and child-initiated.

Inspires and encourages each child to explore her or his full range of personal possibilities, academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and developmentally.

Guides students down their own path in their own time while providing opportunities for growth of the whole child based on individual needs.

MEC believes that all STAFF is:

Trained thoroughly and specifically to respond to the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and developmental needs of the child at the age level with which they work.

Dedicated to learning as a lifelong endeavor and a rewarding means to a full and productive life, not merely as an end to making a living.

Devoted in every detail to the success of each child.

Mature, skilled, and experienced as observer, facilitator, and guide helping the multiple gifts in each child emerge.

Able to use the needs of the student to determine allocation of resources.

Dedicated to making decisions based upon serving the mission of the school.

Capable of honoring all children.

Partnering with parents as a resource so that our school is a place looking to link arms with each parent and, in so doing, creating the greatest chance for success for each child.