Peace Garden

A garden raised by children naturally inspires discovery, learning, and adventure. The process of caring for plants allows children to practice being responsible for and nurturing to other living things. It helps them lay the groundwork for an ethic of environmental stewardship. Gardening requires children to work together and cooperate in pursuit of a successful project. Lessons about respecting others’ work and effort emerge while working in the garden. Children learn to provide for themselves and others when crops are harvested from the soil enriched with student-created compost and shared with those in the community. These programs connect all children to the natural world and its cycles. Gardens satisfy senses and illuminate imaginations. Students take part in activities that help to develop an ecological perspective on life and a sense of responsibility for our environment. These activities help increase awareness and conceptual understanding of the natural world and a sense of belonging in the outdoors. Group experiences and time for individual reflection provide opportunities for better appreciation of our place in the world.

Students are welcome to experience the Peace Garden throughout the day at Main Campus. Activities in the garden are facilitated by our full-time Master Gardener, who also engages the children in our school-wide compost program. Composting has been a successful, useful and mutually beneficial part of MEC’s environmental efforts for many years. The program purposefully and explicitly keeps with the philosophy of the Peace Garden itself in teaching children the valuable and enthralling manner of our natural world.