December 2019/January 2020 Newsletter North Campus

We would like to wish all of you a happy holiday season,

filled with peace and joyous moments




Billing for tuition for Preschool, and Full-Day Kindergarten will begin August 15,2020.
Preschool Thru Lunch will increase to $645 per month.
Kindergarten tuition will increase to $300 per month.
Beginning at 5:31 p.m., LEAP will be billed $1 per minute.



A Letter From Our Director

Observing Holidays as Cultural Celebrations in the Montessori Environment –an excerpt from Montessori for Everyone

It seems that the holidays start earlier each year. Why, just before Halloween we saw the first Christmas commercials magically appear on television and our local drugstore has been selling Christmas decorations since September. The barrage of holiday commercialism can be enough to turn even the most fervent holiday celebrant into a Grinch and it can make it difficult for people to appreciate why we celebrate in the first place.

In the Montessori environment, celebrating holidays and festivals is an important and exciting study for the students that focuses on the tradition and rituals of celebrations. Teachers provide students with long lasting impressionistic lessons that reinforce the idea that people around the world have distinctive yet similar celebrations. Students retain the joy of holiday celebrations as they learn about a variety of cultural observances. Learning about the holidays of different cultures embraces the Montessori principals of inclusion and peace and helps students understand that celebrations have had a great significance to people throughout time and across all cultures. Holidays are a way that people come together to worship that which they hold dear, to rejoice, and usually to feast with their community and families. The message is clear: it is wonderful to be different and honor what is unique about each culture and person, but let us celebrate our humanity together.
Here’s a sampling of what holiday celebrations add to our lives:

1. Help us mark the passage of time and seasons
2. Winter holidays bring a sense of light and joyfulness to the long, dark winter months
3. Create a sense of community and a shared bond among groups of people
4. Provide an opportunity to study history, geography, and culture
5. Give us chances to experiment with different kinds of artwork and art projects
6. Help us honor special events and people in our lives
7. Encourage us to spend time with friends and family
A Few Ideas for Holidays:
As the saying goes, “Everything in moderation”. So it is with our holiday celebrations. What I like to do is decide which holidays we’re going to celebrate (not all of them need to be mentioned every year) and then choose one book or project (or both) that best fits the holiday.
The ages of the children determine how much you will study. A young child might be interested in a simple story about leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day; an older child may want to research the origins of the holiday and study a bit about Ireland.
Sugary snacks are never a requirement for holiday celebrations; the focus should be on special rituals (songs, stories, poems, and crafts) and a shared sense of excitement and celebration. If you’d like to involve food in your celebrations, choose a dish that is related to the cultural origins of the holiday. Have the children help you prepare it rather than buying treats from the store.
For adults, it is easy to become stressed and cynical over the commercialism of holiday celebrations. Let’s help our children develop healthy behaviors and attitudes toward the holidays by giving them the opportunity to experience the peace and light that is cherished by all cultures.

                                           Important Dates

December 20th – January 3rd – Winter Break
January 6th – School Resumes
January 20th – Civil Rights Day

                                               Fun Food Friday

Jan. 10th – Two slices of cheese pizza, veggie sticks, and milk.
Jan. 17th – Spaghetti, salad, cheesy bread, and milk.
Jan. 24th – Corn dogs, baked beans, chips, and juice.
Jan. 31st – French toast sticks, turkey sausage, applesauce, and orange juice.

Students are able to purchase Fun Food Friday lunches up until the Monday before the desired date for $6.

Late orders(past Monday on week of)=$7.

Please contact Crystal in the office with any questions.


Please help us to keep our school healthy by keeping students home when they are coughing, have a runny nose, a sore throat, fever, or an upset stomach.
If your child becomes ill at school, we will contact you to pick him/her up. You will need to pick up your child within one half hour of our phone call. Your child must be fever free (under 100 degrees),without medication, no longer vomiting, diarrhea free, and rash free (or not contagious) for 24 hours before returning to
Please inform your classroom teacher if you are aware that your child is arriving to school with a non contagious rash, sores, bug bites, etc. This notice will eliminate teacher concern and questions.

                                                                                        CAR LINE

It has come to our attention that there are some safety issues in the carline. While the majority of you are safely navigating the carline, it is important that we refresh ourselves on the guidelines to better protect the children. If you see unsafe behavior in the carline, please let us know so that we can take care of the issue. We do not want any of our students to be involved in an accident because of someone’s carelessness in our carline. Also, keep in mind that those not following our guidelines may be cited for traffic and safety violations and can, at our discretion, be banned from the carline.

Help us keep your students safe by observing these guidelines:



NO CELL PHONE ZONE:  The moment you enter carline, there should be no cell phone use.
DRIVE SLOWLY:  Be aware! Drive slowly, and pull forward in carline whenever possible making sure there are no children near your car (including your own).
STAY IN VEHICLE:  Please stay in your vehicle at all times! Your children will be sent to your car when they get to carline.
BE PATIENT:  Each person in carline is in the same situation.  Be patient and do not assume your situation is different from anyone else’s situation.  We want all Montessori children to be safe.

BE RESPECTFUL:  Please regard staff with courtesy and patience. We are acting in the best interest of all students. Remember that carline is a service we choose to provide and not a requirement. Do not cut off other cars or skip ahead into line before others.


If your credit/debit card declines for insufficient funds, stolen card/identity, new card/expired there will be a $25 reprocessing fee.  Please notify us immediately if your credit/debit card number changes.