Montessori Education Centre – Charter School is publicly funded and operates via an Arizona Department of Education approved charter and requires no tuition from its students. Under our same mission and set of philosophies are the private Toddler and Primary programs. Monthly tuition is required, but the students take full advantage of everything the entire MEC campuses have to offer.

MEC was part of the original charter movement in the state of Arizona and has been approved by the State Board for Charter Schools for another twenty-year contract. The school’s charter, available for public review in the office, outlines MEC’s history, mission, educational philosophies, curriculum, assessment practices, organizational structure, operational and financial plan, special education policies, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and the goals for our community of learners.

MEC adheres to state open enrollment laws for grades K-6 and is paid by the state per student (based on their attendance); therefore, there are no tuition or enrollment fees. The school must, however, fund its own facility and maintenance costs as well as classroom materials, and individual classes may charge fees to students for supplies and/or trips. Costs of other programs and campus activities may be handled through fund raising and Arizona Tax Credit.

As an Arizona charter school, MEC is required to follow state financial, procurement, open meeting, open enrollment and special education laws. We are also required to submit a variety of financial and data collection reports and have a student database that is compliant with state criteria. All students, grades 3-6, are required to take a yearly, standardized test provided and scored by the state of Arizona.